You Just Have to Start

Hi everybody!  This is your friend and His, Broose … Broose the Moose!

Behold, before your very eyes:  my first blog!

Long before I even knew what a blog is, of course I wanted to write one like everybody and his uncle.  As far as I know I have only one uncle still living, and you’re probably regretting that already.  But only now did I google “blog” and learn that it’s short for “weblog.”  Aren’t typos pathetic?  You won’t find it here.  We blog.  Hey, just having some fun with you.  As we moose like to say, watch out for that log!

I hear you thinking.  OK, I hear you muttering:  “Great, just what we need … another blog by a stupid old moose!”

Actually, with apologies to Yogi, I can say in all humility that I’m smarter than the average moose.  If you’re feeling like your life is barely keeping your head above the murky waters, I’m your man!  That’s my forte.  I’ll leave it up to you what to call it, but I definitely go for stand-up.

Who couldn’t use a little unexpected!

I wasn’t expecting to find the perfect book, free at the library, just at the moment I needed it.  You can call it time and chance, but I look to God to direct my life.  I highly recommend Start by Jon Acuff.

Jon writes:  “No one aims for average.  No one sets out for status quo.  No one longs for ordinary.  But one day you wake up and ask yourself, How did I get here?  You wonder if there’s a way to be more awesome, more often.  A way to punch fear in the face, escape average and do work that matters.”  His answer is the title of this opening blog:  “You just have to start.”

That’s from the jacket.  Do yourself a favor and read the book.  I’m halfway through and already inspired that fear and doubt feed off of yesterday and tomorrow but give way to starting today.   Will you join me in resolving to banish the 4 enemies of faith:  worry, fear, doubt and human reason.  Come to think of it, you’re on your own with that last one.

So against all odds, in spite of all the websites promising how easy it is to start a blog but really wanting me to pay them; in spite of trying out about 100 styles before finding one that basically works; and in spite of having no idea about how to use Widgets to share my blog on Facebook or email, I’ve started.  Hope you’ll come along and bring some friends.

In chess I can’t think more than a move or two ahead, but watch for my next post:  “Don’t Make This Moosetake.”  You’re human, odds are you are.

Fun Fact:  The natural enemies of moose are bears, wolves, cougars, Siberian tigers and — though hard to believe — killer whales.  You call that fun?  I’ll tell you what’s terrifying:  chocolate moose!  Nobody wants to end up like that!!


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