“Where I Want to Meekly Be”

Here we go again, in early January astronomers announced that they found 2 more earth-like planets that are the most like our home yet. Talk about interstellar excitement! Will they have breathable air? Drinkable water? A place to go when we’ve ruined ours here!? Any life there? Never mind that Kepler 438b is 470 light years away and Kepler 442b 1,100 light years. That is truly out of sight and, for this moose, out of mind.

Since NASA launched the Kepler observatory in 2009 with the mission of discovering “potentially habitable Earth-like planets with liquid water,” its 4,175 discoveries outside our solar system have nearly all proved to be uninhabitable.

Remember Gliese 581g discovered September 2010? Me neither. But it looked so promising that some predicted the chances of finding life on it were 100%.” Reality check: According to an article published last summer in Science, you won’t find any life there because you won’t even find a planet there! Gliese 581g doesn’t exist! Blame the less-than-stellar predictions on incredible distances and stellar activity “masquerading as planets.”


Matt. 5:5 promises “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” “Isn’t that a lovely Beatitude,” and that might be as far as we get. Some think “Oh Oh, I sure don’t want to be meek then ‘cause I’m goin’ someplace else!” The corollary thought is “Oh, that’s just a nice expression that means life will go pretty good as long as you’re stuck down here.”

The best definition of meekness is teachable, and long ago ol’ Broose decided to just believe what the Bible plainly says.

Here’s the thrilling news from Rev. 20-22 that this moose hangs his hat on, no small feat considering my huge antlers stretching 6 feet across: Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth and will rule from Jerusalem. What you seldom hear said, and we moose don’t say much, at the end God the Father is coming down with His New Jerusalem to make His home here after it’s made new (21:1-3).

If that’s where the Meekest are coming to make their eternal home, I may be just a dumb ol’ moose but that’s where I want to meekly be.


FUN FACT: I don’t want to brag but moose can run 35mph and trot 20 mph, keeping it up for 15 miles tops. To put that in comparison, your blistering fast 4-minute mile is only a 15 mph pace. Of course, you might do better if some hunter were aiming a gun at you! So what about traversing the universe? Contemplating that a light year is about 6 trillion miles, looks like none of us better make a run for it!


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