The Check’s in the Mail, God

If you’ve been a landlord for anytime, you’ve had “the check’s in the mail” game played on you. It probably bought the delinquent and dishonest renter a few extra days reprieve, but soon enough’s he’s gone. Probably stiffing you rent because you probably already let him tap into his deposit previously while trying to be merciful.

It baffles me that people who owe somebody else can’t figure out that if they want the owee to yet extend mercy and work with them, they should bottom line keep their word.

But no, after you’ve already let the delinquent person have the whole month to make the payment that was due on the 5th, and wait another week to catch up for that month,  they not only don’t come on the promised day.  What’s worse is they don’t even feel obligated to tell you they aren’t coming, why not, and when they will actually come.

So you are busy cycling between thoughts of tough love and legal recourse while still clinging to the merciful command that “You will receive the same mercy that you show to others.”

It’s a good thing we believe that way because maybe we are not seeing how we are all too often telling God that “the check’s in the mail.”

Attention fellow sojourners, renters as it were, on this earth. We were bought with a price — the death of His Son — which we can never repay. He is so merciful that He is Mercy. He works with us! He’s so patient with us! But He Who reads unspoken thoughts can’t be conned by deceitful promises.

We tell Him we love Him, and want to obey Him with all our heart, maybe not even aware of how He defines love. Surprise, I John 5:3. God is Love. His commandments will never be evicted. God help us if we think they’re burdensome.

A person after God’s own heart, like David, will be thinking “Oh, how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day” (Psa. 119:97). Or is it just lip service? A yoga session? Another “check”? Our signature motus operandi?

God says anybody who wants to live in His tabernacle must keep his word even to his own hurt (Psa. 15:4).

At the very least we’d better be straight with God. Our check had better be in the mail. He won’t blame the post office.

FUN FACTS: Our cows woo us to fight over them, so we bulls get seduced into pushing fights with our antlers. Honestly, it’s got nothing to do with love. A lot of it is show. We can’t go at it too seriously lest our huge antlers catch together and we both die. We’re not that ready to rumble! We’d rather humble — when it comes to our Creator, He was willing to die for His brothers and sisters.

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