His “Bless You” Was Nothing to Sneeze At!

Israel clamored for a king just like all the nations. Who’d they get for their George Washington, who is famous for admitting “I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry tree.” Saul says sheepishly “I’ve been a baaaaaaaaad boy!”

However, Saul says he’s been given a bad rap and falsely accused of trying to kill David; he claims he was only innocently offering a stick of gum: a Spearmint for David. To futher gum up the works, Adam and Eve fell for a Juicy Fruit.

One of the most hilarious stories in the Bible is the one about Baalim. He was a powerful, revered religious figure. His “bless you” was nothing to sneeze at. He wanted to bless the enemies of Israel so badly and enjoy their wonderful bribes, but like all evil from Satan on down, he could only do what God allowed him to get away with. In this case, being ceremoniously undone by the beast of burden he was riding. The critter talks to Baalim! And he is so caught up in the mayhem at the moment that he doesn’t see anything unusual in that and he carries on a dialog! What a hoot! Do I hear somebody intoning “Let us bray!”

The funniest thing I’ve read in the New Testament is where right after Jesus just got through resurrecting his friend Lazarus from the grave, his enemies plotted how they might kill Lazarus (John 12:10). What? He won’t resurrect him again!? OK, I guess they were plotting to kill Jesus first so He wouldn’t be around to bring up Lazarus again. What? You try to kill somebody Who has power to resurrect people! Well, God allowed mankind to pull that one off.

Seriously, so foolish and deceived to kill the Son of God? If I had been there, would I have shouted for His crucifixion? I’d like to think that I would have been one of the disciples. Yeah, the ones who all fled or ate crow. Then or now, I killed Him. If I were the only one who ever lived, my sins killed Him. His grace is unfathomable and unearnable but it will never be cheap. May I walk, with the help of His Holy Spirit, just as He walked (I John 2:6).

FUN FACT: Jacob had it coming after all the times he tricked and deceived others, but I can empathize with Jacob waking up to find he was with Leah instead of Rachel because we have poor eyesight. To keep safe here in the bog, we rely on our keen sense of hearing and smell. Our big ears rotate for stereophonic reception. People describe our faces as long and heavy — probably like Jacob’s when he discovered the switcheroo!

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