Sensing the Wall

 Lore has it that marathon runners hit the wall a few miles from the end of the 26.2 mile race.  After 29 blogs I sense the wall.

Is it worth the effort?  Maybe you should just quit, Broose!

It’s not the writing part.  At first it was hard to come up with 2 blogs per week, but now that the creative juices are flowing, lots of drafts are waiting to be published.  Life brings material.  The writing part has been pure pleasure.

It’s the statistics.  The pathetic statistics.  The court of public opinion.  You not only don’t get the wishful encouragement to lift the magic carpet ride but you get the rug pulled out from under you.  That’s so, but it’s also so that I don’t want any pity; I want people to read because they want to.

February had exactly the same amount of visitors and views as January even though it had 3 more blogs.  Alas, a ceiling?  A ceiling usually has a wall.

Never mind your senses, “The just shall walk by faith” (2 Cor. 5:7).   And the rest of us better do the same!   Not by sight.   And not by site!   Not by checking my WordPress stats every hour of the day.   How easy it is for anything to become an addiction!

Thankfully I still believe unseen good will come from continuing to write this blog that’s totally apart from the number of visitors, views and subscribers.  And I’m still feasting on two specific comments in the past 3 months where a reader said the blog was just what they needed to hear.

Twenty-five years ago we were climbing Yosemite Falls with my 2 kids, probably ages 5 and 9.  All the way up the 3 miles plus they were moaning and groaning and begging to quit.  I kept encouraging them: Rest if you must but do not quit.     Wouldn’t you know it that when my wife and I were gathering our strength at the top, aahhhhhing our overheated hooves in the cool pool of water, our kids were running around laughing and giggling!   Hey, Daddio, rest if you must but do not quit.

Keep plugging!   Pedal to the metal!   Hand on the plow!   Forward ever, backward never!   One hoof in front of the other!   Remember the Alamo!  OK, enough already, I’m pumped for at least one more post.

A flat face might be an improvement!  Wall?  What wall?

FUN FACT: Moose thrive in areas that have seasonal snow cover.  We prefer colder climates below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s because we cannot sweat, and the fermentation caused by our digestion creates a large amount of heat.  So some of us live in the northern areas of Asia — Mongolia and China — and if we sense a wall there might be something to it!

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