Happy New Year!

OK, who’s been sippin’ the spiked eggnog a little too much? Where you been for the last 3 months? Shoveling snow give you a brain freeze?

Saturday, March 21 — this is the day God thinks is New Year’s Day (Ex. 12:2). That’s good enough for me. Dick Clark’s a nice guy but I’m in with Moses and Aaron.

On God’s calendar it’s Nisan 1. And I’m guessing as I post this on Wednesday that Saturday is going to be a glorious day to enjoy the ride!

Somehow you’d expect a day God designates to be a dandy!

Who needs Times Square to feel that it’s the right time for a new year. Creation is ready to party! The dead of winter is springing to life! The furnace is still turned on but doesn’t kick on. No more hunkering under blankets and layering in jackets. We’re hitting 70s and it feels so good to be alive out working on the yard. The wife’s plants are popping up. Green and growth are in the air. The spring holydays with all their rich meaning are just 2 weeks away!

And here’s something an old moose can really appreciate: there isn’t pressure to stay up till midnight to bring it in. God’s days start at sunset. Even I can stay up until 7!

So bring on Saturday — always special but this week more so as Happy New Year!

“I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: ‘Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.’ And he replied: ‘Go into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way’”–Minnie Louise Haskins, broadcast by King George VI in 1939 at the beginning of World War II.

Is there any of that eggnog left!

FUN FACT: Moose are diurnal — active in the day. It’s completely natural for us to see sunset ending one day and starting the next. When I watch the sun go down Friday, it’s going to be tough maintaining my strong silent-type image. Inside me is going to be the thrill of being an actual part of new life springing into action! Oh, why not: Happy New Year!

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