Master Timer Even in Death

God the Father and Jesus Christ are Master Timers.  This moose hangs his hat on that, since he can’t get it over his antlers anyway.

Jesus knew the correct date to die on.  Because He as the God of the Old Testament was the One who commanded it to take place on the 14th of Nissan of the Hebrew calendar.  So He observed the Passover with His disciples at twilight beginning the 14th just as He specified for Moses and the Israelites in Exodus 12.  He walked them out of Egypt on the night of the 15th which the Bible instructs to commemorate as “The Night To Be Much Observed” (Ex. 12:42) and which significantly was 430 years to the day when Jesus covenanted with Abraham in Gen. 17.  Talk about the Master Timer!

Actually people would rather talk about when they think things should be done.

Amazingly, despite all this amazing timing,  the idea became that the Passover meal should be at the end of the 14th/beginning of the 15th, and eventually temple lambs started being sacrificed at 3:00 in the afternoon to have them ready for the evening meal.

Whoever came up with this errant timing change unwittingly resulted in lambs for God crying out at the exact time Jesus “finished” and cried out on His cross.  Talk again about the Master Timer!

Josephus and Philo confirm there were two Passovers in Jesus’ day.  And now we have a “Passover of the Jews” with its Seder one day late.  Now people can conveniently think of Passover as Jewish when it’s nothing but Christish.

This year Nissan 14 equates to Friday, April 3.  The New Testament Passover service instituted by Jesus with foot washing, unleavened bread and wine will take place the Thursday evening before, starting just after sunset.  The Night To Be Much Observed will be celebrated Friday evening, starting just after sunset.

God and the Word planned these priceless events from the foundation of the world (Rev. 13:8).  The Master Timers will be there through the Holy Spirit.   Who are we to be so blessed to fellowship with them (I John 1:3)!

FUN FACT:  Moose graze during the day and sleep at night.  It’s a good thing we weren’t there when the Israelites walked out of Egypt under the full moon.  We would have been sleepwalking!

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