Hey, Why Is My “Narrow Path Few Find” So Crowded?

High noon on the narrow and difficult way that leads to life—“the one less traveled by” because few find it (Matthew 7:14).  So I figured it was a good time to sit a bit, eat my sack lunch and enjoy the solitude.

That’s when my eyes were opened—and shocked–to see crowds jostling about. The empty picnic table I was going to eat at had no room to squeeze in.   The entire fields I so enjoyed on my walk in the morning now were stripped and malled into gas stations and fast food restaurants—all with parking lots heaving to capacity and lines winding out the doors.

How can all this confusion be on my road “less traveled by”! That’ll frost you!

Suddenly the road itself was choked with masses of people in both directions. They had some differences but overall they described themselves as Christians and numbered 2.1 billion, 1/3 of the earth’s population.

Oh man! This road is so crowded, I’ve locked horns!   I was unintentionally in somebody’s way and he slapped me on the cheek.   Before I could turn the other one, a lady bowled me over and a melee broke out over who was Laodicean.   Somehow over the din I heard the cry of a newsboy hawking his papers: “Extra! Extra! New Pew Research says Christians exhibit the same sins as nonbelievers!”

That’s when I noticed the road was also traveled by Muslims (18% of world population), Hindus (16%), Buddhists (6%) and athiests/agnostics/unbelievers (16%).   As they passed, some smiled and chanted “All roads lead to the same place.”

Suddenly my bare feet that had so enjoyed the feel of the earth started to burn; asphalt below me smoldering in the noonday sun. The road was paved with good intentions, and we all know that ain’t good!  The path had morphed into a six-lane expressway roaring through yellow wood and two new lanes were under construction.

Man, what happened to my straight and narrow path—“the one less traveled by” because few find it?  The one where my “little flock” is shepherded (Luke 12:32)?   The one with 144,000 “first fruits” Revelation 14:4) and not the big harvest of 50 billion to eventually come?  The one that resulted in only 120 followers after Jesus’ own 3-1/2 year ministry (Acts 1:15)?

A still small voice said “If you believe the same things everybody else believes and live pretty much like everybody else does, does that sound right for the straight and narrow path—‘the one less traveled by’ because few find it?  And no matter the issue, when you see what ‘everybody’ believes is gospel truth, shouldn’t you suspect it’s likely the opposite!”

FUN FACT:   Special thanks to Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.”  We moose must instinctively take this road because we end up out here in the bog alone. We like frost! And a snowy climate. But for you, God’s guidance will make all the difference.

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