We Do Just Ask Thee, Teach Us to Pray

We keep learning how to pray more effectively.

Here are three techniques we often see done by Christians we respect, some who have been praying a long time:

  • Use “thee,” “thou” and “thy.”  If the King James English was good enough for the Apostles, it’s good enough for you!  The burning bush voice spoke that way—we have that on good Hollywood movie authority.  Speaking archaic like that will escort you into praying mode because it wouldn’t get you anywhere else.
  • Now, throw in as many “just” phrases as you can.  “We just thank you for your blessings.”  “We just ask this.”  It will make your prayer sound … well, more just.
  • One final touch:  Supersize those “just” phrases by preceding them with “do.”  “We do just ask” and “we do just praise you.”  Do this and how can your prayers not sound like impressive deep do-do.

OK, Jesus said we are His friends, and you would never talk that way with a friend. They’d think you were a religious nut! So what? You pray in your room with the door shut.

The real beauty of these simple techniques is for when you pray in public and you can sound like you’re really praying up a righteous storm.

What? You think we should talk normal to God, who knows our thoughts, rather than go into some kind of practiced praying mode?

God is so merciful, He seems to listen anyway, but He might have an easier time figuring out what we’re trying to say!

I do just think thee might be onto something.

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