Talk About Blood Moons & Shemitah

thYBIAFCXDTalk, talk, talk about blood moons!  Blood moons on or near four of God’s biblical festivals–the fourth one due on Sept. 28th!

And talk some more about the Shemitah ending on Sept. 13, 2015 being the seventh seven-year period, meaning the following year would be the year of Jubilee!   Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger,” says the five greatest economic crashes of the last 40 years – 1973, 1980, 1987, 2001 and 2008 – all occurred in Shemitah years.  So that would mean big trouble coming this September!

For sure, the blood moons are exciting!   But as Sgt. Joe Friday used to demand on the old Dragnet show, just the facts, ma’am!

The blood moons of Joel 2:31 occur during the sixth seal.  At the end of the first four seals, one fourth of the earth is dead (Revelations 6:8)! All the talk hasn’t killed that many of us yet!

Unless the five seals happen by the last of the four blood moons on Sept. 28th, these blood moons are not “the heavenly signs” immediately preceding Christ’s second coming.

The first three blood moons I didn’t see.  The heavenly signs will terrify all on earth.

I haven’t heard of any shocking catastrophes correlating with the last three blood moons.   We’ll see what God allows on the fourth.

What about the Jubilee business?

Let us never forget that Jesus said nobody knows the day nor hour of His return except the Father only (Matthew 24:36). But the Bible gives every indication that He will return in a year of Jubilee (Isaiah 61:1-2 and Luke 4:18-19). The events of His return and new administration would fulfill what a Jubilee is all about. Peoples restored to their inheritance. Debts can be forgiven even in a spiritual way once proud humanity has been spanked and humbled.

A Jubilee year is proclaimed on the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 25:9). Liberty will truly come when Satan is put away, and the best Day of Atonement is surely going to be the one right after Christ’s return.

Evangelists have liked to scare people down the aisle by shouting “Jesus might come tonight!”  The Bible proves this utterly wrong because it states many events that must happen first—3-1/2 years before the second coming—and they haven’t happened yet.   It will be at least 3-1/2 more years before Jesus returns.

This indicates the “experts” are wrong about next year being a Jubilee year.  If it were, and Jesus is returning in a Jubilee year, this His return would be 50 more years away. Who thinks this sinking world could possibly last that long!

Here’s what to talk about—God’s biblical festivals which reveal His plan of salvation (Leviticus 23). They picture harvests in Palestine which reveal how God is harvesting His sons and daughters for His family.

Keeping them prepares us for the end-time events that are surely coming and Jesus Christ who is surely coming.   “What manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness?” is what prophecy should make us talk about (2 Peter 3:11).

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