How to Resist Temptation #2

What is the complete process given in the Bible for how to resist temptation? Last post discussed the foundational key: Diligent faithful daily mindset.

Next we must:

  • Consider the consequences

Sin caused Jesus to suffer and die and it earns eternal death for us.  We’d be doomed if grace were earned!

Sin adds grief, subtracts faith, multiplies trouble and divides brethren! Thanks to thoroughly studying God’s law, and having His Holy Spirit to love it and desire to fulfill it even in the Spirit of the law, we know what sin is and passionately want no part of it. To have victory over temptation, we need to consider the negative consequences.  Yes, but far more powerful is dwelling on the wonderful results of doing the right.

The passing pleasures (Hebrews 11:25) of sexual sin cannot compare with the steady day-in, day-out joy of a happy marriage with God at the center of it!

Powerful is the joy of pleasing God!  We do not want to provoke, grieve, tempt and limit the Holy One of Israel (Psalm 78:40-41)!

When I was going out-of-state to college, my mother was worried about me drinking.  I promised her I would wait until age 21 to ever have any alcohol.  Doing that to make my mother happy was such a stronger pull than being tempted to drink.

In one class the professor asked for reasons to avoid pre-marital sex, and the class dutifully contributed the usual penalties for messing up.  I was barely staying awake.  The professor jolted me to attention when he turned the age-old temptation problem in a completely positive direction.

The reason to avoid pre-marital sex is so you can have a wonderful wedding and night!  You would never know what you denied yourself if you didn’t make it to that glorious day.

Our mindset must be to avoid bad consequences and pursue good results that make God, mate, family and others happy.  But we also must physically avoid sin.

  • Don’t go near her house

Proverbs says whatever sin might be the issue, don’t go down her path (Proverbs 4:14-15).

If we want to be in God’s House of resurrected sons, don’t go near “The House of the Rising Sun!”  We have to choose the right Doors.

Computer users are advised to keep their computers in public areas of the home.  Tabloid alert in the grocery checkout lines!

ice cream

If you can’t resist gluttony with ice cream, chuckle when Erma Bombeck says “If I had it to do over, I’d eat more ice cream!” But don’t keep Haagen Dazs in your frig!

In spite of all attempts to keep a lid on it, suddenly temptation’s in front of you!  And starting to melt if you don’t lick it!

Stay tuned for the next post in this four-part series:  How to Resist Temptation #3


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