“Would You Like Flies with That?”

No thanks, just the wonderful sizzling summer burger and cool breeze shake!  Without squadrons of disgusting hairy creatures buzzing my head and darting all about the computer room nonstop. I’m sorry, their maneuverability is utterly amazing but I can only appreciate the Blue Angels when they’re flying over the Air Force Academy. I wish I could whack the whole annoying formation right out of the sky!

Yesterday I finally figured out what is bothering me about this year’s crop of annoying flies: They don’t land! They just keep buzzing me while I’m trying to write a post and distract me so badly that I have to stop, grab the swatter and look for something to kill! And I’ll just be sitting there poised and tense because I’m not a good-enough jedi to be able to swat one right out of its dives and darts. And my futile swings don’t generate enough air conditioning to be worth all the effort. So I eventually give up and go back to trying to ignore the incessant buzz.

The flies I remember used to land and were easy killing. What have we done?  What are these guys on?

My solution is to close the back door which allows them entry. But everyone else in the family wants the door open so the dogs can let themselves in and out and so the nice breeze wafts in.   So the door is mostly open and the annoying flights nonstop.

Hey, let’s put up a screen door! Do they make them with doggy door to match the one in the door? The three dogs definitely need to be able to get in and out. I have never had good luck putting up screen doors and getting the automatic door closers to work smoothly. I probably won’t overcome inertia to put up a screendoor until the buzzards start ramming into me!

The creation is too amazing and mind-boggling for words to give adequate appreciation to our Creator, but it “was subjected to futility, not willingly but because of Him who subjected it in hope” (Romans 8:20). Something more glorious is coming where Satan and the annoying creatures he probably created when he was in charge of preparing the earth for the creation of man won’t be there to offend!   For the new heaven and new earth, please, definitely no flies with that!

So hey, it’s almost August. The good things of summer will soon be gone. And so will the bad things! If you would just land …

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