About Face!

After writing 71 posts since mid-December, it’s time for a change.  To be pretty precise, an about face!

I’m inviting you to look at my new About.  It explains my connection with the loveable Broose the Moose since 1980.  Broose will always be a part of me, but now it’s not Broose writing any more and no more fun facts about moose.  There’s only so many fun facts about moose, where for people it’ll be unending.  And it’s such a shock to google and see how many Broose the Mooses and Blogs from a Bog there are on the Internet.

So it’s time to come out of the bog!   Confession time, it’s really been me, not Broose, writing all this time.  May as well fess up.  Hope you’ll keep reading–let’s still search out questions we share.  And I think you know you are still going to get The Unexpected for Building the Family of God.

To read The About, click on the silver symbol in the top left of Broose’s picture.
To comment for all to see, click on the silver symbol in the top right.
To comment by email:  robertcurry6@hotmail.com

Grateful for each reader and follower,

Robert Curry


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