“Well Done, Good & Faithful Servant! I Will Make You Ruler Over …”

You have been reading that scripture in Matt. 25:21 for years
and now Jesus Christ has returned to set up His Kingdom on earth
and is about to name your assignment …

Robert Curry

Robert Curry

You listen intently for Jesus to give you a prestigious assignment, the envy of any diplomat:  Sweden, France, Canada, Russia …  But what’d He say:  “I will make you ruler over … Africa!”

thXBOLU7N0What in the world would you do to restore Africa?  With one-eighth of the world’s population, it is the world’s poorest inhabited continent.

Yes, but “Africa is well-endowed with natural resources including gold, diamonds, and oil reserves.”

South Africa is #2 in gold with almost 50% of world gold reserves. It’s the world’s largest producer of chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium and vermiculite, the second largest producer of ilmenite, palladium, rutile and zirconium and the third largest coal producer.

Such wealth goes for naught because of “poor governance” explains Wangeri Maathai in her book The Challenge of Africa. Winner of a Nobel Peace Prize, founder of Green Belt Movement, as of 2009 she had worked for 30 years in Africa.

Wrong Bus Syndrome

“Like travelers who have boarded the wrong bus, many people and communities are heading in the wrong direction or traveling on the wrong path, while allowing others (often their leaders) to lead them further from their desired destination.  It is my analysis that much of Africa today is on the wrong bus.”

Matthai astutely argues “Perhaps the most important quality that the African leadership needs to embrace, and which is desperately lacking across the continent, is a sense of service to their people.

“The revolution in leadership and the need to instill a sense of service cannot be confined only to those at the top of African societies, however.  Even the poorest and least empowered of Africa’s citizens need to rid themselves of a culture that tolerates systemic corruption and inefficiency, as well as self-destructive tendencies and selfishness.  They must grasp the available opportunities.”

Matthew 20:25-28 will be posted and repeated everywhere like labor signs today!  You must lead the people by example.

Matthai says Africans have grown up already defeated by a feeling of inferiority.  You will show them that God regards them as treasured sons and daughters.  Isaiah 61:6 proclaims that the Gentiles will bring riches to Israel.

thLZUDGXGUYou will employ positive advertising that displays not babies with distended bellies or emaciated by AIDS but happy kids hugging a lion or riding a hippo because wild animals have become like Isaiah 2 describes!  Start a busline “Go Cheetah!”

Government, a Big Secret

An African word “sirikali” means “government, a big secret.”  Good government has been a big secret to the Africans!  Whoever Christ appoints to rule over Africa is going to have a wonderful opportunity to serve a lovely, humble teachable people.

Africans can best solve their problems.  You will not likely be put in charge of Africa.  God is calling Africans.

What Africa needs is what the whole world needs:  godly government with humble Christ-like service.  You can train and prepare now for where God has plans to use you.

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