Celebrating One Year with a Big Change!

One year ago maybe you saw my first post “Just Get Started.” And here we are! The goal was about two per week and this is the 98th!

A heartfelt thanks to you, my readers! Most are from the USA but a few of you have been from the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Mexico, the European Union, South Africa, Puerto Rico and Australia. It truly is a global world thanks to our modern Tower of Babel.

I’d like to think I wrote you some good stuff, trying to build the family of God by sharing The Unexpected truth of the Bible. But the court of public opinion is also The Unexpected and a humbling experience.

Special thanks to my wife Mary for often being the only “Like” on Facebook. Even she couldn’t “Like” the one on “Would You Like Flies with That?”

I can empathize with Peyton Manning being only one win away from breaking Brett Favre’s record. It sure is tempting to want to quit with an even 100 posts. That’s why we pray lead me not into temptation!

So ol’ Broose thinks it’s time to say “So long, farewell.”

But first maybe I can share one last recommendation that could change your life like it does mine.

Now I am privileged to write blogs at http://www.ucg.org/beyond-today/blogs.

If you like what I have been sharing with you this past year, you will probably like what you find there in the blogs and entire website.

Dad with tshirt final

Robert Curry


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