Standing Where $8 Million in Gold Buried!

In June 1979, on my drive across the United States in my old Dodge Dart, I managed to find the ranch just inside the New Mexico border on the Colorado side where Eddie and Doris lived. They were like parents to me and I was excited to be visiting them for a few days on my move from Virginia to California.

Barely out of the car without even taking time to unpack, I just had to go see something they just couldn’t wait to show me.  They pulled out a brand new fairly top-of-the-line metal detector and we piled into their old ranch pickup as Eddie bounced us across the rough terrain.

goldHe and Doris regaled me with the local legend of buried treasure totaling $8 million in gold!

It seems a stagecoach was fleeing from some robbers on horseback and was chased into where two rivers stopped them in their tracks.  Before the robbers arrived, they hurriedly buried the treasure and drew a map of it on a nearby rock.

The robbers arrived and killed all the stagecoach riders except a boy managed to escape.  Later he returned, took a picture of the rock with the map somewhat obscured, and then fled to Mexico.

Locals all know the legend.   Some have pictures of the defaced rock.   Nobody knows of the money ever being found and claimed. Just legend?

On a recent day while riding the ranch moving cattle, Eddie came upon THE ROCK!  In the spot where the two rivers met!  That day Eddie and Doris drove me out there and there I was looking at it!  It definitely was the unique rock in the picture!  Imagine stumbling upon one particular rock out of acres of look-alike weather-beaten rocks!  The $8 million should be buried nearby!!

I have never experienced such a rush of greed and lust!  Pounding heart!  Imagine me being the human being out of all humans to find such a treasure!

For hours we tramped around hoping the detector would buzz for gold.   Then we’d have to figure out how to silently smuggle out $8 million in gold since Eddie and Doris only managed the ranch, they didn’t own it.

Silence!  The only dream detected was a hole neatly dug out of the ranchland like an empty crypt.  Fitting because our hopes of getting rich quick died.

Truly all things worked for good because the Proverbs warn about wealth hastily gained (13:11).   Yeah, the Proverb says that, but we would have gathered it “little by little.”  Yeah, they say winning the lottery turns out to ruin the lives of many winners, but hey, as the joke goes, let me be so cursed!   No, it’s called fools gold for a reason.

Well, that was a day to treasure—sharing such an adventure with Eddie and Doris.   Priceless.

And the consolation prize is far more valuable.  Thank God, Eddie, Doris and I were all called (John 6:44) to know THE ROCK and the pearl of great price.  The Bible says wisdom is more valuable than rubies (Proverbs 8:11).

Remember how it felt to feel that close to $8 million in gold and put that into seeking the right treasure that truly is within my grasp.

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