Relaxed Trust in The Master Timer

How do you confuse an Irishman?
Put 3 shovels against the wall and ask him to take his pick!

How to confuse me: take away my watch.
I can’t function without knowing what time it is.

Thank God He’s the Master Timer and we can have relaxed trust in Him.

God has many names:  Examples are Elohim=the family, Emmanuel= God With Us, the Father, Jesus Christ, YHVH Nissi=our banner and YHVH Ropha=our healer.

watchThe name Master Timer is not in the Bible. No YHVH Timex!

Yet Master Timer is the way I praise God every day and most easily relate to Him in understanding what’s going on in the world, the church and my life.

Have you had the eye-opening experience of seeing that the Bible marks time by the Sabbath and Holy Days and says to remember them, keep them, and structure your life around them because they reveal the plan of God.

In the gospel of John, “there are only 2 chapters out of 21 which are not interwoven with and centered around the holy days of God… John’s gospel plainly shows us that the life of Jesus Christ must be put into the context of the Hebrew Calendar, centering around the holydays …”—Harmony of the Gospels in Modern English.

God has a 7,000 year plan of salvation.  The holydays are about harvest seasons and show how God is harvesting His sons and daughters by His timetable.  There is the earlier Pentecost harvest when only firstfruits are called and trained—for service during the later Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day harvest of the vast rest of mankind.

God is the Master Timer even in when the Father decides to call each person (John 6:44)—which will be the best time for each to respond to His offer.  If you are understanding this, you can be a part of the first harvest—in the better first resurrection at Christ’s return.   A big reason it’s better is that these will become the Bride of Christ! This marriage will produce many godly offspring during the Millennium and Great White Throne Judgment.

God has a plan and He works it out right on schedule.  God is always on time. Never early, never late.  Does anybody ever accuse God of being early!

Paul says in Romans 1 that we see what the Creator is like by studying His creation.

baby chickConsider the amazing timing in the birth of a baby chicken.  “The timing has to be exactly right or you have a dead chick!”  On the 19th day a chick uses his egg tooth to break open and chip away a hole in the shell.  Not one day sooner or later.  On the 21st day it breaks out like it’s dropped its spacesuit off!

In Isaiah 46:9-11 God challenges anybody to predict the future the way He does.  The big headlines are made in heaven!

The Master Timer predicted what Cyrus King of Persia would be named and do about 100 years before He was born!   Acts 17:26 says God preappointed the times for the rise and fall of nations and where they live.

Are you confused about all the election din?  Daniel 2:21 says God sets up rulers and removes them.  The disconcerting news is that He says He gives us “the basest of men” (Daniel 4:17).   Maybe you’ve had such suspicions—that God gives us what we deserve by how we are treating Him.

Instead of fretting about Donald and Hillary, it’s inspiring to see how God acted as the Master Timer in the book of Esther. One night when the king could not sleep, he read in his book that Mordecai, whom Haman was trying to vanquish, had not been rewarded for saving the king from assassins.

“Literally the king’s sleep fled away.  Here is a remarkable instance of the veiled providential control of God over circumstances of human history.  Upon the king’s insomnia, humanly speaking, hinged the survival of the chosen nation, the fulfillment of prophecy, the coming of the Redeemer, and therefore the whole work of redemption. Yet the outcome was never in doubt; for God was in control, making the most trivial of events work together for Haman’s defeat and Israel’s preservation.”

The Master Timer will do His part.  Earthwide, baby chicks, nationally, in the Church and in your life. You can count on it!

With relaxed trust in The Master Timer, patiently waiting on The Master Timer, you will never be confused!

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