Overheard on the Stairs

One Sunday after church was over,
sometime during my sophomore year of high school,
stairway talkI was coming up the stairs when I overheard
two leading men talking quietly about something.
They couldn’t see me so I stopped and listened.

They were talking about the Sabbath day
and whether it should be kept.
They got a little animated.

All I remember thinking was that I didn’t know what they were talking about,
so I went on home to watch the day’s big football game.
Soon I quit going to church because it seemed so dead,
full of old people, not accomplishing anything.

Toward the end of that year, I was riding my motorcycle during bad light of sunset when I ran into a barbed wire fence that had just been strung up on a popular riding trail.  My right arm and right leg were ripped halfway off.  When I healed up well in about a week thanks to some miracle-like happenings, I decided God had punished me for having quit going to church.

At the same time, I told God He couldn’t possibly want me to go back to the dead one.  I asked Him to show me His true Church.  I wanted to be a part of the Church Jesus built and commissioned.  I was ready to obey Him and do whatever He wanted.

God began to open my eyes to see the big issues in the Bible, just like He opened the eyes of the disciples on the road to Emmaus so they could comprehend the spiritual truths He was telling them.

It was inevitable that the Sabbath issue would again come up because the
Bible calls the Sabbath Day “the test commandment.”  This fourth commandment is a sign that God is Creator and identifies who are His people.  I wanted to be one of those and have now been keeping the Sabbath  since 1969.

Rarely does anybody seriously argue that the Sabbath is not from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.

Rather, they argue it’s Jewish.  Actually its Creator and first keeper was the God who became Jesus Christ so the Sabbath is Christish.  And just as expected, Jesus kept it as His custom while on earth setting an example for all Christians.  He said the Lord’s Day is the Sabbath (Mark 2:29), and shouldn’t we believe Him!  He taught His Church to keep it and the Church of God still does today.

The second big argument is that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday by the resurrection.    Here is a shocking truth of the Bible that you can study into for yourself if you really seek truth and not traditions of men.  The Bible clearly shows that the tomb was already long empty when the women arrived because Jesus had been resurrected after three days and three nights, which ended just before sunset on the Sabbath.  Surprise, Jesus was resurrected on Saturday not Sunday!

The third big argument is that Romans 14 says you can worship God any day or time you want, let each be decided in his own mind.  Bother reading this for yourself and you’ll see this chapter doesn’t even refer to the Sabbath.  It refers to when people choose to fast or eat and Paul says not to get involved in such disputed personal matters.

Well, my friends, relatives, and brothers and  sisters reading this post,

Maybe it’s like you overheard this on the stairs!

I wouldn’t push this at you in person.   It usually doesn’t do any good to preach at people.  But here you can read or not read, it’s your choice as you are led by God.  I want to “build the family of God”—not just amuse or entertain.  And I want to give you important matters to think about this very evening as another one of God’s delightful days of rest and spiritual rejuvenation begins.

And we are told in Hebrews not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together all the more as we see the days approaching.

Ezekiel says something absolutely shocking:  God says the two sins He is most going to punish for are idolatry and Sabbath breaking.  Ezekiel says that punishment will be national captivity and slavery in the Great Tribulation and time of Jacob’s Trouble that is coming.

Is God opening your mind to consider this test issue?

I’ve shared with you in several posts about God’s Sabbath.  On the Internet many Church of God groups publish the truth about the Sabbath.  Please write me back if I could be of any help to you as we seek the things above up the stairs!

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