Give God Something to Bless

The miracle where Jesus fed the 5,000 is the only miracle
covered by all four Gospels.
Jesus knew the crowd was going to have a hard time
finding food at the day’s end.
Jesus asked His disciples how to come up with some food.  

They knew there was no 24-hour Wal-Mart in sight!   It’s interesting that John 6 says Jesus already knew what He was going to do to solve the problem.  We should keep that in mind regarding OUR problems.  That’s why we should be praying “Thy will be done, not mine” and casting our cares upon Him.

lad loaves and fishThe disciples scrounged up a lad who had five loaves and two fishes.  What he had to offer surely seemed like famine to himself and the disciples when looking out over the crowd of probably about 15,000 counting women and children.

But the lad offered up what he had to Jesus and the rest is history of what Jesus was able to bless it into!

It’s interesting that Jesus could have just miraculously rustled up enough grub for the whole gang all by Himself.  But He chose to use the lad as supplier and His disciples as waiters.   And thank God He does His worldwide Work through frail humans—through us!

A former pastor told me something I’ve always cherished about the lesson of this miracle:  Give God something to bless.

Psalm 37 says dwell in the land, do good, feed on His faithfulness.  Nothing flashy.  Simple dailyness.

Paul said work with your hands in quiet peacefulness that you might have something to bless others.

After the crowd had eaten their fill, there were 12 baskets of food left over.  What happened to them?  Based on Malachi 3 about God blessing a giver by opening the windows of heaven and showering down blessings more than they can receive, my guess is they went to the boy.

Showered with Blessings

We’ve all heard the so true line from the hit song “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?”:    “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

After going home to recover from left hip surgery, all physical therapists agreed that when I look up our steep stairs toward the wonderful hot shower up there, I must “forget about it!”  Not allowed with the no weight-bearing restrictions I’m under for the past four weeks.

So four weeks of sponge baths sitting on the toilet next to the clawfoot tub which is too steep to climb in and out of.  Get the picture?  You definitely don’t want a selfie!  No shower for four weeks!!

But recently one more adventurous therapist said I should be able to go up the stairs using the posterior-right leg ascent technique that thankfully requires no pitons and belays.

So with my wife’s and son’s strong support, what an indescribable joy to have a hot shower and wash hair today!  And weigh myself on the scales!  Down eight pounds best I could determine, just eight more to hit my 180 goal.

I don’t think I will take this blessing for granted again!  Give God thanks next time you enjoy your hot shower!

I couldn’t help feeling—not like a moose—but like aelephant spraying water filthy leathery elephant in the river spraying blasts of water all about in joyous abandon!  Except that I made sure to spray all over me!

Using Bruce the Physician

The last four days I was suffering stomach pain, keeping me awake all night unless I sat up in my wheelchair and slept only about one-fourth of the time.  Who would have expected these worst days of my recovery!  Nothing to do with my hip!

So I followed the instructions of James 5:14 and called for an elder of the church for anointing.  But no overt miracle—the pains and burps and belches continued.

But about an hour later a friend Marsha called who had been suffering the exact same problem in dealing with her knee replacement.   And her stepson Bruce, a physician, told her some over-the-counter products that gave immediate relief and then knocked it right out.

My wife bought me the same products and I’ve had a great day too!   Jesus healed but one of His disciples was Luke the Physician.

How about heading off to camp with Mary and me!

preteen campSunday through Wednesday (June 5-8) we will be serving at the 7th annual Colorado Preteen Camp near beautiful Estes Park.   There will be 49preteens from seven states (Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Indiana) coming together for teaching in Christian living on the theme “Guided by God’s Word.”

Surely the most important work any of us do is preparing the young people.  But the beauty of it is that us old people can benefit at the same time from being involved in such a four-day zone of godliness and all the fellowship and fun with kids and staff.

If interested, come experience the glorious four days with us at the blog I will be posting at  It’s easy to “follow” and have it come right to your email.

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