Good Government Coming That Doesn’t Need Your Vote!

Fretting about today’s political scene?
Where it’s more about who to vote against!

MillenniumJesus Christ will soon return to earth
with “ten thousands of His saints” (Jude 14)
and replace all the governments of this world (Rev. 11:15).
This King of Kings and Lord of Lords will launch
the Millennium with all new leadership—
by resurrected saints (Dan. 7:27)
who have the nature of Christ (2 Pet. 1:4)
and His fullness (Eph. 3:19)
and are perfectly suited to be in the governing family
because they have been glorified
as Jesus’ very brothers and sisters in the God Family.

Saints will serve as Kings and Priests (Rev. 5:10).  They will serve as Judges and Counselors (Isa. 1:26).  This service will include judging angels (1 Cor. 6:2-3) and vanquished kings and leaders of the old world (Psa. 149:6-9).  Jesus said saints who were faithful in a little with the talents given by God would become Mayors over five or 10 cities (Luke 19:11-19).  Paul told the Hebrews “by this time you ought to be teachers” (Heb. 5:12) because saints will be teaching God’s way in the Millennium.

Since Abraham and Sarah were called the father and mother of the faithful (Rom. 4:16-17), we can speculate that they might be serving directly under Jesus.  Because Elijah and Moses were seen in the Transfiguration (Matt. 17:3), perhaps they will serve in the Church and State leadership under Abraham and Sarah.  We know that David will serve over all Israel (Ezek. 34:23 and 37:24).  And we know that the 12 Disciples will serve over the 12 tribes of Israel directly under David (Matt. 19:28).  It seems logical that Paul will serve over all the Gentiles, assisted by the likes of Barnabus, Silas, Timothy, Titus, Priscilla and Aquila.

Serving under the saints will likely be leaders appointed from those who live into the Millennium.   Those made Princes and Princesses could well be children of the saints who Paul said were “holy” because one or more of their parents were believers (1 Cor. 7:14).

Have you noticed all the times I’ve used the word


servant leadershipabove?  That’s because Jesus said this will be the hallmark of His administration.   His leaders will not lord it over people like rulers are wont to do (Matt. 20:25-27).  Instead of trying to have dominion over the faith of the people, they will be helpers of their joy (2 Cor. 1:24).  They will wash feet.

From  top to bottom, Jesus Christ’s administration will lead the people by service.

When Mary and I served on the staff of Camp Hye Sierra this summer, the whole camp aimed to picture the World Tomorrow.  It’s instructive how the Camp Director—Ed Dowd and his wife RaeAnn—directed the camp.  Sometimes they could be found in the camp office, but mostly they were always in the thick of the action.  They were on site for whatever big activity was taking place.  They were in the main lodge during meals.  They would notice staff and campers, knew them all by name, and were approachable to chat.   They did menial tasks when necessary.  Their top leaders and staff followed their example.

Jesus Christ will assume the throne of the earth, but I believe He will be like the Dowds in running His camp!

geese flyingThis is indicated by His teachers, though promised to sit on His throne with Him (Rev. 3:21), will be seen by the people, and when necessary they will appear behind someone to urge them to get back in alignment with The Way (Isa. 30:20-21).

Jesus Christ and His administration will bring servant leadership that results in

The restitution of all things (Acts 3:21)

Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Want to be one of these Kings and Lords?  I hope you do as much as I do!
Let’s learn to be servant leaders now.  This world needs some.

Until next time,

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