Avast, Me Hearties! Better Days Be Comin’ Smartly

pirateAhoy, mateys and me beauties, Monday be
International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Pirate-talkin’ paaarrrties
be planned all across the States,
though, alas, none in Colorado!

Aarrr!  But you don’t have to
keep this under your Jolly Roger hat:
When all the talkin’ be done Monday,
it’s time to pay attention
to some better special days than e’er conceived by buccaneers!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day had its not exactly humble start in 1995 when Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers and John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur found out how sporting it be to insult each other in pirate lingo during—not a swashbuckling encounter on the high seas—but a knee-buckling one on a racquetball court.

In the yeaarr 2002 the renegade celebration took sail after some helpful publicity from famed humor columnist Dave Baarrry.

You can discover your pirate name at web sites like www.froggynet.com/cgi-bin/pirate.cgi.    Me be Francis Fearsome Man.  Would you be mixin’ me up with the Pope!   Aye, he wears a funny hat too.

All the while so many are oblivious to

Four way more important days looming on the horizon

that are absolutely life-changing:  The Feast of Trumpets Oct. 3, The Day of Atonement Oct. 12, The Feast of Tabernacles Oct. 16-23 and The Eighth Day Oct. 24.

Note I used the Bible names (Lev. 23) rather than Jewish names you see on calendars.  Claims that these days are only for Jews or Israel haven’t got  a peg leg to stand on.  They do not look back to Moses the lawgiver with traditional rituals and sayings.  They all picture the saving work of our Savior—the Lawgiver—whom Jews do not recognize.

Instead of being recent holidays conceived and pushed by two humans, these days originated from two eternal Beings—God and the Word—before the foundation of the world (John 1:1).

Forget Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow, Jesus Christ is the Cap’n of our salvation (Heb. 2:10) and it’s crunch time to learn about these pivotal  days and keep them.  Jesus was the God of the Old Testament who commanded them and He kept them when He walked the earth 33-1/2 years.  He taught the New Testament Christians to keep them as He exampled to them, and the Church of God has continued to keep them.

Instead of being annual holidays, these days are annual Holy Days.  They are God’s Feasts—“My feasts.”  The Hebrew word mo-edim means “appointments” for us to keep (Lev. 23:2).  We should show up for them!

Aye, me beauties and hearties, and why wouldn’t we?  The seven Holy Days reveal the plan of God for bringing mankind not into a ship’s crew but into the Family of God.

Human experience shows that we humans must actually keep them to understand them.   Scholars write commentaries about them but they don’t really understand them.  People who once did but quit, amazingly lose even their memory of them.  That’s why the Bible admonishes “A good understanding have all those who do His commandments” (Psa. 111:10).

black-pearlGod is no pressgang—He gives free moral agency  and never forces anyone to become a member of the crew.  Thankfully, the Father is the Master Timer who be callin’ each matey at the time they are most ready to get on board and not end up walkin’ the plank.

Ahoy, this be a call for you.  A seed sown (Matt. 13).  Each of us be responsible for how we respond even as the devil connives to hide the treasure and keep a patch over our spiritual eyes.

These four Holy Days picture the turning point of history—and the time when salvation is going to be made available earth-wide and to all people who have ever lived!   The first fruits who respond now will be the crew who help Jesus Christ teach and serve them in the Millennium and Great White Throne Judgment.  Aye,  aye!

It’s hard not to get excited about roamin’ the seven seas in search of the Black Pearl.  But how much better to seize your opportunity for the Pearl of Great Price (Matt. 13:46)!

Francis Fearsome  Man?   I’m more interested in the new name God is going to give me (Rev. 3:12).

If you choose to talk like a pirate Monday, it be fun no doubt.  Funny how quick we are to embrace something wacky like this holiday when there are Holy Days that pale it into insignificance!  Aye, aye!

So shiver me timbers if you prepare to be boarded by God’s Holy Spirit and the knowledge of His wonderful Holy Days!    Repeating again like a Johnny Depp sequel, it’s crunch time to learn about them and begin keeping them.

Smartly is a good pirate word.  We be smart if we act quickly!

Until next time, when I’ll have to pay attention to the spell checker again,

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