Shall We Go Another Year?

Who’da thought:  Two years as a blog!

It makes you think when you ring in another year with a blog.  Hope it won’t be the terrible 2’s?  After 171 posts, is there anything left to say?  I see some bloggers I like posting less and less.

I hope we can say laughingly of ourselves, “I ought to be committed!”

My new inspiration is a beautiful and perceptive lyric from

“Shades of You” by Shannon Wexelburg:

potter-clay“You are the writer, and I am your song.”

Such a beautiful song in its music and lyrics, praising our Master Potter who is shaping us into His sons and daughters for glory!   As the picture portrays, it can get kind of messy on the way to glorious production!

I still feel like singing about God’s way and hope you join the chorus until we lift voices around the whole earth glorifying the returning King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Shall we go another year?  You, as a cherished reader, have a big say in that!


Robert Curry

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