Relativity & Quantum Leaps Thanks to Revelation

theory-of-relativityIn Seven Brief Lessons on Physics,
“These lessons were written for those who know little or nothing
about modern science,”
wrote author Carlo Rovelli.

That would be me.   But I like to try.  It didn’t help that my physics teacher in high school was a football coach who spent the entire class talking about quantum leaps of the goal line instead of the universe.

perfect reflectionRovelli writes about how Einstein’s Theory of Relativity means that “in the mountains time passes faster than at sea level” (p. 46).

This is why Rocky Mountain people should not feel faulted for being older and wiser than Californians and New Yorkers and why the electoral college should not be changed.   Pardon my fun.

I’m actually not political. My kingdom is not of this world (Php. 3:20). My King says He chose who would be President (Dan. 4:17), and I enjoyed watching Him befuddle everybody including me!

And to keep us Rocky Mountain folk humble, hard to fathom as that is, there is somebody living higher who is rightly the Ancient of Days and the source of Wisdom.

Wise men have never needed to understand the Theory of Relativity to know that God is our Father and Jesus Christ our Brother.   Time may pass faster up in the third heaven, because I’m sure God has more fun than any human, but the reason God is eternal has to do with Spirit.  How will we ever fathom God having no beginning until we are changed to Spirit in the resurrection and feel from the depths of our being what it means to have no end.

“About interactive relationships”

quantum-leapRovelli writes that quantum theory is learning that space consists of loops or rings linked to one another, “forming a network of relations that weaves the texture of space, like the rings of a finely woven, immense chain mail.” The upshot is that “Once again, the world seems to be … about interactive relationships” (p.43).

That’s why we know from revelation that what matters is first we must love God (first four Commandments) and second, our fellow man (last six Commandments) (Matt. 22:37-40). On these two hang all the law and prophets—thus the Bible and life itself. After the Lake of Fire has cleansed the earth of all sin, matter and humans who did not participate in the desired spiritual transformation, the only life left are Gods in the God Family—for all eternity. Revelation says what matters is relationships.

quantum-leap-2How utterly pitiful when scientists like Richard Lewontin admit their unscientific bias:  “We cannot allow a divine foot in the door.”   They will remain in ignorance until that Divinity opens their minds and one day grants them a complete spirit body to enter the door of the Family Kingdom!

Most of Rocelli’s physics book I can’t comprehend. But he is the brilliant one who is left to write eloquently about man’s frustrating search for the purpose of human life. “What are we, in this boundless and glowing world? I cannot even imagine attempting to really answer such a question in these simple pages” (p. 66).

Acts 2Funny that lesser luminaries like you and me can (1 Cor. 1:26-27) if only God the Master Timer decides it’s time to open our minds to understand that we have a spirit in man that sets us apart from animals so that we can understand the things of a man, but it’s the Holy Spirit uniting with our human spirit that enables us to understand the things of God through His revelation (1 Cor. 2:11-12).

That’s the one great unifying principle that Stephen Hawking seeks!

If that’s happening to you, keep making the quantum leap to set your mind on the things of God (Col. 3:1).



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