Imagine That! You Could Talk to God Right Now

Yes, you can. 
prayingOn knees is good to help you be humble and teachable,
but if you can’t, don’t let that stop you from being humble and teachable.

Talk to God from the heart.
Start with thanks and praise.  He doesn’t need to hear it,
but you need to appreciate who you are privileged to talk to.
How does God do that!  Listen to prayers 24/7 nonstop?
I have no idea.  And still He likes to hear my ideas!

BibleOpen your Bible if you have it available.
Ask Him to direct your eyes and thoughts to the passages He wants to say to you.

God can hear your thoughts but you probably feel more like you’re talking to God if you talk out loud.

It’s probably best if you go to some private place so it won’t look like you’re talking to yourself.  And so you won’t be distracted or feel self-conscious.

No need to speak in tongues with affected lingo like “We do just this and that” and “Thees” and “Thous.”  Save the “hail Marys” for the next Broncos game.   No need to say “Father” every sentence.    If you don’t forget who you’re talking to, God won’t either!

God gave the Lord’s Prayer as an outline for how to organize a prayer, not as a handy way to speak vain repetition which He asked us not to do.

God wants us to just talk.  Like in the “Oh God” movie when George Burns, as He was walking away into vanishment, assured John Denver, “You talk, I’ll listen.”

But you also want to

Hear what God wants to say back to you

The best way is to open a Bible and ask God to guide you to what He wants you to hear.   Ask God for wisdom and use it so you don’t act stupidly like “And Judas went out and hanged himself” and “Go thou and do likewise.”  With the Bible context is vital.

prayer-changes-thingsYou could pray everything nonstop.  Then read.  But why not back and forth like in normal conversation.   Make a point or plea and then pause a bit and be still, actively listening for God’s response.   God knows that answered prayer is a powerful proof of His existence.  Know the thrill of an answer!

Prayer changes things.  It changes you.

Go to the places in the Bible

Where God speaks directly to the reader

This includes all the red-letter words in the News Testament which are directly spoken by Jesus Christ.  This includes places in the Old Testament where Jesus Christ, as the God of the Old Testament, spoke directly.  Of course, “All scripture is inspired by God” (2 Tim. 3:16).  But reading direct words from God really feels special.


You are special!

You get to talk to the Power of the Universe who wants to be Daddy to you.  So Abba, blabba do!

Excuse me, I’ve got to go talk to Somebody.

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