Anxious for Nothing

When I went to the hospital Monday for my right hip surgery,
I wanted to choose to follow Paul’s advice to
“be anxious for nothing” (Php. 4:6).  
If we are anxious, we find out it’s for nothing.

The same goes for fretting, except being useful for guitars. 

quantum-leap-2My obvious  challenge was going to be blood  pressure—pressure being the appropriate word.  At my pre-op for  my left hip surgery back in May, my doctor said my blood pressure  was high enough that my hip surgeon might postpone my surgery—so he prescribed medicine.  Overnight the results dropped dramatically lower and I had the surgery.

After the surgery, and picking up my lifetime bias against drugs, when it seemed like my blood pressure was holding in acceptable range, I stopped taking the drug.

But now with my right hip surgery looming, recent tests at home with my wrist tester were all over the map.   I couldn’t help feeling anxious about what score might be captured in the surgeon’s pre-op and whether it might postpone surgery.

So the night before I popped a blood pressure drug in hopes that it would again bring amazing overnight turnaround.  Horrors!   A high reading like being on no medication.  But to my surprise, the nurse said no worries, surgery would go on.

She obviously knew something I didn’t

Post surgery, my blood pressure readings were all way lower than the old standard 120/80—apparently thanks to anesthesis and pain drugs.

So much for anxiety!  My best blood pressure readings ever.

But time for Paul again:  Let him who thinks his blood pressure stands take heed lest it fall!

In the middle of the night, nurses went into a frenzy over the fact that my blood pressure plummeted during a 10-minute period down to 80/50.  Just when I was wondering what the nurses  would have up their sleeve, it seems their solution was to just take it again and it climbed up to an acceptable rate.

The nurse regularly taking blood pressure told me that even with her hospital equipment, she never gets the same reading in a row.  “As long as you’re not dizzy or lightheaded.”

So anxious it will be too high … anxious too low.  The two pretty much zero out!  Whether blood pressure or any other pressure, why “be anxious for nothing.”
























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