It’s Time to Render


As the end of February nears, it’s that time again.

If you use the term “render,”
you give away that you realize
you’re not just doing taxes.

You are being audited
for whether you can do it in a good attitude
and with total honesty. 

Some people ask me how I’ve managed to do my own taxes for over 47 years.  That’s the same time I’ve  been a Christian and understood that I’m rendering unto Caesar.

The Secret to Doing Your Own Taxes

Just get out your sword and slay the dragon!  Real life beats any video game!  Then next year, after first reading “what is new this year,” besides that you’ll just be plugging in new numbers in the same way you did the year before.

Then it’s time for just one more hopeful deduction:  You weren’t audited so you must have done it right!

That’s why the last thing you want is for somebody to “simplify” it.   After 47 years we’ve seen what that’s like!

Who wants to decipher again the likes of “If A, B or C = D and/or E = only one of A, B or C, then be sure to input the lesser of X, Y or Z as long as one of them equals A, B or C.”


When Jesus said to render unto Caesar, too bad if that’s more than salad, render it anyway!  So what if taxes might seem like a sin to you, Jesus said pay it forward—or whatever twisted direction doing taxes has left you in!

The best advice I can share for a Christian doing taxes

is to first list and calculate what you honestly have to report—before you look in the table to see what the consequence is.  That will stop you from being tempted to alter the data because you see that only $1 less would mean $50 less taxes.

It’s pretty rare to get called in by Caesar.  Rest  assured  God is auditing!

Jesus also commanded to

Render unto God what is  God’s

From rich or poor, He asks for 10% of your net gain.  Now that’s simplicity!   Part of the simplicity of Christ (2 Cor. 11:3).  I’ve been happily tithing since a little boy making my  first dollar.  It’s so easy you happily give offerings too!

And your reward?  Avoiding audit?  Chump change from Caesar compared to God!

Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it” (Mal. 3:10 New International Version).

One of those blessings is to have the mind-numbing privilege of  figuring out taxes each spring so we get to live in this country that has surely been blessed by God more than any other in the world because of the obedience of Abraham, Isaac  and Jacob!

If you can’t joy in doing taxes, at least be thankful that it hasn’t yet come to:  How much did you make?  Send it in.

rev-11-15But one day soon, this much is as certain as you know what:  Caesar’s part will cease (Rev. 11:15).

God speed that day like April 15 always seems to do!



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