A Command We Can’t Fully Do

Bible cloudyWe know that we must do everything the Bible commands.
Some commands are challenging to do—
love your enemy; esteem others better than yourself.

But, there’s a command we can’t fully do.
We want to, oh, how we want to!
But we can’t fully fulfill it.

The command I’m talking about David wrote, a man after God’s own heart:

“Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name”—Psa. 29:2

We can try to give God glory every which way we can.  But even for the legendary giant killer, it’s like slinging a pebble against The Rock.

We cannot possibly give God the glory DUE  His name.

OK, so how can we give God some of the glory due His name?

♥   Read the Psalms!   Since summer I’m in the habit of reading a Psalm or more early each day.  This is double effective if you read this at the start of your morning prayer.  David is credited with writing more than 100 of the 150 Psalms, and reading such words will help us speak more gloriously to God.  Oh, we must be ourselves, but the Psalms can help us be better—and more eloquent—selves.

“Holiness adorns your house”—Psa. 93:5.  Only with God’s help can we give Him some of the glory due His name for His holiness when Isa. 64:6 says all our righteousness is “like filthy rags.”

With the Holy Days coming in a little over a week, it’s a good time to read the Egyptian Hallel (Praise) Psalms (Psa. 113-118).  They’re called Egyptian because the Jews use them in commemorating deliverance from Egypt.   For the Israel of God (Gal. 6:16), He is delivering us from sin!

In Jesus’ last Passover with His disciples, they ended with a song.  Tradition says that song (Matt. 26:30) was probably Psalm 118.

As we approach this Holy Day season, these five Great Hallel Psalms can help us give God some of the glory due His name.

Psa. 29:9 says:  “And in His temple everyone says, ‘Glory!’

♥   Visualize God in His glory on His heavenly throne

throneBefore praying, I find it very helpful to first visualize the glorious God on His throne Who will be listening to me.  This helps me look up past the walls and our cat Josie purring for my attention.

I recommend reading Rev. 4:2-11 in the Living Bible for the most exciting description.  As Shannon Wexelberg sings in “Highest Praise,” [I recommend you go listen on YouTube before continuing] “We will join the host of heaven to proclaim!”

As Psa. 57:5 exults:  “Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; Let Your glory be above all the earth.”   God’s thoughts  and ways are higher than ours! (Is. 55:8-9).

For the size of the universe the latest estimate is two to three trillion galaxies.  A little leeway there!  Yet the Great God knows every star by name.  We’re challenged just to name our kids!

Treat yourself to the video [http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/man-behind-behind-viral-universe-explainer-cosmic-eye-video-is-a-perth-scientist-20160417-go8blc.html] that zooms from a smiling woman named Louise Mackay in a grassy park out to the ends of the universe 10 billion light years and then back to her—and then inside her eye to the universe of quarks a femtometer across there!  How small is that?  How much men understand women?  That’s one quadrillionth of a meter.  Oh.  I see.

With such miraculous eyes, do we?

♥   Creation shouts to the glory of its Creator

“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made … so that they are without excuse” (Rom. 1:20).  Verse 21 adds that if we  don’t glorify God and give Him thanks, we have become “futile in our thoughts” with foolish hearts “darkened.”

Many Facebook posts spotlight an amazing rollercoaster, sunset, flower or animal.  Nobody argues that Ferrari World in the United Arab Emirates clocking 149 mph had no creator/designer.   The riders are too busy screaming!  And the cat videos, besides amusing our outnumbered life, testify to God’s amazing creativity!

With these three ways, let us give God some of the glory due His name.  As Shannon sings so powerfully, “let your praise arise!”








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