What About Tonight Is There to Be Much Observed?

pink moonIs the Pink Moon tonight the reason to get so excited?
It’s not really pink. 
It’s called that color because this is the time of year
when Pink Moss blooms.

Jupiter is at its best and brightest because of
being near tonight’s full moon.

Ex. 12:41-42 calls this The Night to Be Much Observed (or Much Remembered) and directs that all the children of Israel observe it throughout their generations.  As spiritual Israel (Gal. 6:16), I’ll be happily doing that.

The full moon is exciting and plays a big part in it.

The night before, the death angel passed over the Israelites at midnight but slew all the firstborn males of Egypt.  Israel hunkered down in their homes all night as directed.  The next day they spoiled the Egyptians, receiving their due wages from all their years of slavery.  During the daylight all three million of them gathered with excitement in Goshen.

Then this momentous night, in about the year 1447 B.C., the released Israelites began their journey out of Egypt which pictures sin.  Sundown this night begins the Seven Days of Unleavened Bread, with leaven picturing sin.  One could get the idea that God doesn’t want His children making light of sin.

The full moon that night helped light their way.  Who needed an EverReady in hand with such a celestial flashlight!  Better than the Pink Moon tonight, we have

The Light of the World

to lead us on our journey out of sin.

This night Christians around the world are meeting together to share a meal and remember how the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, but more importantly, to look to Jesus Christ the Unleavened Bread of Life to lead us to the Promised Land of eternal life.

Many like to go around the table and have each participant share how God called them to spiritual freedom.

Exodus says Israel walked out 430 years to the night from an event unspecified.  It’s thought to be God’s covenant with Abraham in Gen. 15.  God pointed him not to the moon but to the stars and promised him more descendants than those.  Abraham proved faithful and became  Father of the faithful.  By God’s grace that’s where we come in … to march out!

Israel went out triumphantly “with a high hand.”  God’s people are privileged to “much observe” this night with joy and gladness!



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