The Best Gift I Can Give You

giftOn this day famous for giving each other gifts, here is the best gift I can give you.

The Bible is without doubt the best gift, but you undoubtedly already have one, and if you’re like most, you find it baffling!  That’s because God said He wrote it to be like a puzzle, until He provides teachers  (Rom. 10:14) to show you how to piece it together.

Building the Family of God adI spent the entire year of 2018 writing this 179-page eBook and publishing it here as individual posts.   Now you can have the whole year’s worth in one FREE download.  Actually, it represents 50 years of living God’s wonderful way and learning from His teachers.

This truly is a gift you have to give yourself.   Simply

Download the pdf for FREE

Then you can read it as fast as you want—and check it out thoroughly by looking up the scriptures for yourself in your own Bible.  We have to do that if we’re serious.

I hope God is calling you and working with you special (2 Pet. 1:10).

Map 112



  1. Heather · January 7

    So cool you put this e-book together, thanks for making it free to download! I appreciate all your effort.


  2. Broose the Moose · January 7

    As you know, I wrote it primarily for you and my family as a special gift. Hopefully others will benefit also!


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