Are You Getting Anything Out of This Blog?

Some of you write amazing blogs that I like to read.   One common characteristic is an interesting writing pizazz that I hope rubs off on me.   Next to sharing God’s way, I want most not to bore people.  You’d think God’s way couldn’t be boring, but with some people all things are possible!

Caralyn’s “BeautyBeyondBones” has flair down pat.  What a way with words!  She shares hip lingo and culture that this old man has no clue about!  Having a common name spelled uniquely is a tip off that you’re going to get that from her blog!  Her battle and victory over anorexia is certainly not my problem, as I am the fattest I have ever been, but as she puts it so well, “we’re all recovering from something.”  She has good motivational principles to apply, but I also get the bonus of getting her take on life as a millennial in hopes of dealing with my four.  It’s no wonder she has 45,000 subscribers and is dinging the counter!

BJ’s “RiverWalk” enlightens me on the Bible which is, of course, what old Broose the Moose aims to do for others.  He regularly takes the day’s Bible passage from reading the Bible in a  year and brings it to life with some interesting background information or exciting personal experience.  And I’ve got to admire a man sacrificing his life in service over in Turkey.  It’s no wonder he has 26,000 subscribers.

When I ask myself, “Are you getting anything out of these two blogs?”, my answer is a resounding “yes!” and I eagerly wait for their next post.

Leading Us to Our Glorious Destiny adAfter writing for five years and offering 350 posts and 9 eBooks

sometimes I wonder if I’m doing any good and if anybody is getting anything out of this blog?  WordPress stats don’t give that.

I would so appreciate a comment from you

Especially if there is some subject you’d like me to write about.   It seems like I’ve written about everything there is and am now repeating myself like an old befuddled man!

I sincerely hope that you “little flock” (Luke 12:32) following this blog are being called NOW by God and being led to His incredible destiny for you.

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