“He’s Talking to You Now”

In the gripping Netflix series “The Messiah,” the U.S. President nabs the mystery man over to face him in his office.  He asks the President, “Do you believe that God is talking to us now?”  The President, apparently a believing Mormon, answers “yes.”  His eyes riveted on the President, the Messiah boldly tells him:  “He’s talking to you now.”

Building the Family of God adThe President was convicted to his core!  That bold statement has left me thinking:  Look at all the statements made by Jesus Christ in the Bible.  In my Bible the words of Jesus are in red.

When I read them, now more than ever, I want to realize that Jesus is talking to me now.

If He uses a “you,” it means me

I must apply what He says to me and act on it now.  And of course the same goes for anything the prophets, apostles, Paul or the Bible tells me.  The Bible is truth (John 17:17).

Thank God He’s talking to us now.  A famine of the Word is coming (Amos 8:11).

Map 112

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