If You Can’t See the “Patterns of Evidence—Red Sea” Movie Tomorrow Night, Treat Yourself to the Interviews!

I saw Tim Mahoney’s “Patterns of Evidence” movie on the Exodus and his second one on Moses being able to write.   I’m eager to see the third one on

The Red Sea Crossing that will play nationwide in theaters tomorrow night

But alas, from Canon City to Colorado Springs, it looks like we will be blasted with too much snow to travel to see the movie in our Ford Fiesta.   Disappointing, but not reason for God to part the water blocking our path!   We’ll see it when we can.

But I did get to hear

Three interviews with Tim about his three movies [Exodus, Moses, Red Sea]

and I can’t recommend enough that you watch them.  I’m guessing you’ll be so thrilled by what he has to say that you’ll binge watch all three in a row.   It was surprising how challenging it was for me to find the three interviews and make them available on a silver platter for you to feast on.

He had inspiring personal observations about the first two movies that I had forgotten but in many cases, not picked up on.  In the movies you must wade through all the muck from the scholars as Mahoney sniffs out the truth, but in the interviews you get the straight dose of positive, Christian, Bible-proving evidence that is so plain you wonder why people can’t see it!

For me, all three movies are about:  God says in the Bible … scholars say it didn’t and there’s no evidence of it.  Since a kid, the choice has been easy.  And for 50 years I’ve been watching discoveries that always prove the Bible true.  I know that any new one will do the same, but I also know there will always be scoffers especially in the end-times.   As Tim Mahoney aptly commented, in the Garden satan said “Hath God said …” and he deceives the whole earth into following the same questioning, disbelieving, snickering counterattacks.

Mahoney proves that there is evidence.   Scholars usually won’t acknowledge it even when shown because they have books to sell and because they don’t want to have to obey a God.  He made such inspiring statements in all three interviews that gave me chills of praise for what God has done and has shown us His children!  How incredible for us to have access to God’s Word and know He’s talking to us now.

In my life I knew a geologist whom I thought accepted God’s truth as I did, but one day he shocked me by saying there is no proof of a worldwide Flood.  Yes, there is.  God says it in the Bible.   That’s good enough for me.

Jesus Christ endorsed Noah, and prophecy says the end-time is going to be “as in the days of Noah.”

Leading Us to Our Glorious Destiny adI’m hoping Mahoney tackles the Flood after his two movies on the Red Sea.

Maybe the weather will change enough so Mary and I can go see the Red Sea movie tomorrow night.  Hope you can see it.

But don’t miss the three interviews

They leave no doubt God is using Tim Mahoney in a powerful way that he didn’t know in the beginning.  And he inspired me again that God has a destiny for us so I need to get out of His way and let Him use me more powerfully.  That destiny is not just the future in His Kingdom but what He is doing with us now.  Sometimes I forget the Patterns of Evidence in my life.

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