When Bad News Is Really Good News

Yesterday I dropped off our Ford Fiesta to get the tires rotated. Ominously, the owner asked me to come back to take a look and asked me if we had been having any trouble with the ignition. Not a single bit!   And the mechanic had no trouble when he drove it in!

But the ignition stopped working! The key wouldn’t turn on the car! Of course I wanted to grumble and moan. Who needs such bad news when all you did was come for tire rotation! The rotation was free but who wants a car bill now!

But good news in disguise

What better place to have the ignition conk out! What worse place might we—or Mary—have been stranded in! We could actually count it all joy (James 1:2).

Even as the mechanic tenaciously battled for over two hours to install the new ignition switch when it was expected to take only 15 minutes.   We had to just sit and wait patiently.  While remaining thankful that they didn’t leave us stranded and they didn’t charge us the extra shop time.

I hope this serves as a good reminder for the virus situation we’re all battling together.

Map 112

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